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Another Great Season

By Bobby Summers

This 2011 football season by Royse City, was an up and down affair that was definitely affected by numerous early season injuries. However the 2011-12 senior class of Royse City had many leaders to overcome those adversities. They led this team to the victories needed in the must win situations, so they could extend their season to at least one more game.

For the most part the Royse City team competed against every team this season and for the issues that affected the losses, well those are certainly issues that can be overcome by experience, hard work and dedication.

This was the first class that played four years of class 4A football. For three of those four years they were in high school, the Bulldog varsity football squad advanced to the class 4A playoffs. This is not an easy accomplishment by any means. For a huge majority of those schools that make the transition from class 3A to 4A, there is normally a very long period before success can be accomplished. That transition for that dramatic move for Royse City has been met head on and you have to believe that the foundation for the future of Bulldog football was laid by these seniors.

The small country school district that some of us old timer Royse City folk grew up with, will never be back. In a town that has suffered growing pains and has been forced to face those challenges, you could probably double that with the school district and how it had no other choice than to meet its demands immediately.

Most of us cannot grasp the difference between the two classifications of 3A football, and 4A, however those that do, also understand that this is a very new program even if it has just completed its fourth season, but it is a program that shows promise beyond expectations.

I have been blessed to have been a part of Royse City Bulldog football and I have seen many teams and players in the last 55 or 56 years of attending Royse City games. I’ve seen it grow from the smallest classification of 11 man football to next to the largest classification. I have to say that every season cannot come soon enough for me, but personally I was worried about the leap to 4A football. But I think I now understand that even after my half of a century of love for the game at this school that they are just beginning. They have just turned another corner. Remember that just four years ago these seniors were freshmen and in less than one year, they went from playing Nevada Community to playing Highland Park, Richardson Pearce and Rockwall. And that is not a knock on our friends from the Community ISD and the ‘Fighting Braves’, but it is just a fact that the competition changed dramatically.

Just like every season begins with new seniors and new freshmen, it continues to amaze me how each year can transition into a season to remember. The competition level that these players face is beyond belief to some of us, but to know that there is hope on the horizon is to just take a look at the youngsters that continue the aspiration to be a Royse City Bulldog someday.

Our school district continues to grow at a very healthy rate and not at the gust of growth that we experienced just four short years ago. With that growth comes more athletes with the right combination of size, speed and strength that will produce more wins, which is what is often used as the measuring stick to success. However until that time comes and it will come very soon, we all have to remember these seniors that met the challenges of change and won. These are the seniors that had to suffer through the tough times and the injuries without reserves. I, for one, will remember these seniors for that step that someone had to take, the seniors that took their teams to three out of the first four years in Class 4A football.

Remember the old saying that is never used anymore, because the meaning of the quote is simply not understood. The saying that says, “It matters not if you win or lose, but how you played the game”, well I most adamantly say that these seniors played the game very well and we could not be more proud of them. We now are ready to face challenges like we have never faced before and it truly is because of how the 2011 seniors played the game. Because of this, I would like to say that this was really another great season.

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