Game 2 vs. Frisco Wakeland

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Wolverines Slip Past Bulldogs 31-24
By Bobby Summers

With just over two minutes remaining against the Frisco Wakeland Wolverines, the Royse City Bulldogs found themselves in a familiar situation and with the same opponent. This time however the results were not as favorable for the Bulldogs.
In last seasons first round of the playoffs, Royse City pulled off the miracle throw to set up the game winning touchdown with just 1:24 remaining in the game. The score secured the Bi-District Championship for the Bulldogs and sent the Frisco Wakeland Wolverines home disgusted and empty handed. For the Wolverines, 2008 could not come soon enough.
Revenge was sweet for Frisco Wakeland as they held on to take a 31-24 win at Frisco’s Memorial Stadium last Friday night. Fortunately for Wakeland the game is won on the scoreboard. The Royse City Bulldogs did what they do well and that is running and throwing the football. The Bulldogs put up winning numbers with quarterback Richard Morrison completing 30 passes for 360 yards and two touchdowns. He also rushed for 110 yards on 10 carries and scored another touchdown. When the final pencil was put to the game, the Bulldogs would amass 519 total yards of offense. An unbelievable amount for any high school football game, but amazing numbers for just the second game of the season.
But, and when you put that little word behind everything else, there is some downside somewhere. It was not the Bulldogs and for sure it was not Morrison, however the ball did not bounce in the Bulldogs direction, literally. Turnovers were at a premium price and they were selling like hotcakes. Wakefield bought five of those turnovers and turned most of them into points.
Four interceptions by Frisco Wakeland spelled the difference. Three of those interceptions were gifts to the Wolverines. Those were either tipped, deflected or projected directly into the hands of Wakeland’s defenders. There was no breaking on the ball by the defender to make the pick. There were no misguided balls by the quarterback. There were no receivers out of position on the play. They were simply tipped, deflected or projected in the direction of a Wolverine.
And that is how the game began when Frisco’s Ryan Collins picked off a first period pass and returned it 27 yards for a touchdown. Brennon Satre kicked the extra point and Wakeland took a 7-0 lead with 4:26 expired in the first quarter.
With 4:24 remaining in that same period, Morrison danced himself out of the pocket and depended on his speed to carry him on a 64 yard touchdown jaunt. An illegal procedure call on the extra point play moved the ball back five yards. That may have been the cause for Kollin Padon missing the point after. Royse City trailed 7-6 as Padon booted the ensuing kickoff out of the end zone.
Wolverine quarterback Will Secord began gaining huge chunks of yardage as he completed passes down to the Royse City 25 yard line. Facing fourth and 20, Secord threaded the needle and found James Harris in the front corner of the end zone for a touchdown. Satre’s kick was good and Wakeland took a 14-6 lead with 9 seconds remaining on the first quarter clock.
Morrison did some picking apart of that Wolverine defense himself. The senior quarterback sensation hit junior tailback-receiver Ryan Fedric on three of the next four passing attempts. Fedric caught passes of 27, 17 and 13 in route to a nine yard touchdown strike to sophomore receiver Kris Smith. The Bulldogs did not hesitate to go for the two point conversion and Morrison struck again when he found Colton Gardner on the two point pass play.
With 6:33 remaining in the first half, Royse City and Frisco Wakeland were tied at 14 all.
Secord guided Wakeland again, completing passes into triple coverage and completing a 40 yard pass to the Bulldog 8 yard line to set up a 25 yard field goal by Satre. The field goal gave Wakeland a 24-14 lead with 2:21 to play in the half.
The Bulldogs would not be outdone. Following the kickoff, Morrison quickly led Royse City downfield and Kollin Padon kicked a 32 yard field goal with three seconds remaining in the half. Both teams went into the break with Frisco leading 24-17.
Neither team managed a score in the third period, but Wakeland drove to the Bulldogs 25 yard line as the final period began. On first down and 15, Secord completed a 25 yard touchdown strike to Dallas Greer. Satre kicked the Wolverine’s final point of the night with 11:02 remaining in the game.
Again, the Bulldogs responded in the slugfest. Preston Corbin returned the ensuing kickoff to the 50 yard line. It took Royse City just four plays to answer Wakeland’s score. Following a 16 yard pass completion to sophomore Jonathon Burns, Morrison connected with Ryan Fedric at the 27 yard line. Fedric did the rest as he tight roped the sideline and crossed the goal line for the touchdown with 10:22 remaining in the game. Padon booted the PAT and Royse City trailed 24-31.
B.J. Farrar kept Wakeland out of the end zone when he batted a pass away at the Bulldog 16 yard line. Forcing a fourth and two deep in Bulldog territory the Royse City defense led by Eddie Mancias, held and regained control with 9:01 remaining in the game.
The Bulldogs went with their ‘no huddle’ offense and they quickly marched 56 yards down to the Frisco 9 yard line. Royse City also faced a fourth and two and Wakeland’s defense stepped up to hold as well as they caused a Bulldog fumble and recovered the loose pigskin with 7:07 to play in the game.
Both sides of Frisco Memorial Stadium found the fans on their feet. Frisco quarterback Secord completed a pass for a 22 yard gain to Dallas Greer. Secord’s perfect night however was marred on the next play as Bulldog Ty Young made a crucial interception at the Royse City 44 yard line with 5:55 remaining in the game.
Morrison gathered his troops again and again the Bulldogs began to move in their attempt to even the score. Two pass completions to Justin Jacobs, including a fourth and 10 reception, moved the Bulldogs 39 yards and to the Wakeland 22 yard line. On first down and 10, with 5:02 remaining in the game, the unlucky bounce of the ball happened again. Frisco made their fourth interception in the game as the ball deflected off of two players and ended up in the grasp of Wakeland.
The Bulldogs would hold again behind the tackling of Mancias and T.J. Hardy. With 2:11 remaining in the game, Royse City would have their final chance following a Wolverine punt. The Bulldogs would regain possession on their own 22 yard line.
Four crisp and concise passes from Morrison moved the ball quickly downfield. J.T. Thompson fielded passes of 8 and 7 yards while Jonathon Burns caught passes of 12 and 15 to move the ball to the Frisco 36 yard line. Royse City took their final time out with 1:01 remaining to play. The Bulldogs managed three final plays that resulted in a holding penalty, a sack, an incomplete pass and a failed Hail Mary attempt into the end zone as the final buzzer sounded.
The Bulldogs (1-1) come back home this week as they host the Mt. Pleasant Tigers (2-1) at Royse City ISD Stadium. Kickoff is 7:30.